Demand Based Marketplace

Investor success promises:

  1. Alternative currency that is more powerful than Bitcoin.
  2. Redistribute economic power from Giants to mom n pops retailers.
  3. Zero inflation.
  4. Bring back value to money (savings).
  5. Centralize many fragmented markets.
  6. Create meaningful jobs.
  7. Create new marketplaces that are unheard of.
  8. Bring down the cost of health insurance in America.
  9. Create Renaissance for entrepreneurs.
  10. Eliminate the business of pesky ads.
  11. Meaningful Increase in national and global GDPs.
  12. A more fulfilling life thru new enriched experiences.

We have NO doubt IWANT has the potential to be bigger than Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. It's a bold statement and we would love to prove it, please help us connect to the right investor.

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